Paul Yacomine



evolution evolved a process to protect our hair with oils secreted through the skin and as a consequence oils have a high affinity with the hairs porous structure. there isn’t anything comparable to the protective conditioning efficiency of natural oils.


high absorbency essential oils provide the best conditioning beneifits but can also weigh the hair down. micro employs skincare technology to enhance the distribution of these oils by distributing micro amounts evenly, concentrating only on parts of the hair shaft that need it preventing the hair from becoming over-loaded.


nothing exudes luxury more than the seductive feel, shimmer and scent of essential oils, transforming hair texture and colour. oils give hair life, micro is the original luxury ingredient enhanced.


an optimum combination of light smooth feel with repair and protection. colour becomes more vibrant, styling becomes more manageable and cleansing more efficient.


ethically sourced, environmentally safe, organic essential oils. selected by Paul and often from from small five acre farms. these ingredients are carbon neutral.


because aluminium doesn't breath, or let light in, it enhances the longevity of fragile natural ingredients meaning less or zero preservatives. unlike glass or plastic, aluminium is a cost effective recyclable material. also, plastics are made from petro chemicals and recycling for plastic usually means thermo recovery.


About Paul

Paul Yacomine is an internationally acclaimed session hairstylist working for the worlds leading fashion and style magazines. His client list that reads like a who’s who in the fashion, film and music industry. He began by assisting the most talented session Hair Stylists in London, Frieda, Clarke and Mascolo.

Branching out on his own with PR and industry icon ‘Lynn Franks’ Paul began a remarkable global career. Working with Pavesi (Vogue Italia), Coddington (British Vogue), Versace, Armani, Galliano and photographers such as the great Helmut Newton. Paul became hair stylist to an elite celebrity clientele including Cate Blanchette, Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver as well as models, Naomi Campbell, Elle MacPherson and Kate Moss.

Sponsored by American Vogue at the age of 24, Paul moved to New York and was proclaimed transatlantic hair styling star by the New York Times.

Having established himself as an innovative stylist and trend influencer, Paul channelled his experience and insight in to creatively designing unique hair care and colour concepts.